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Positively align your subconscious mind & reset your nervous system for a better nights sleep

Welcome, learn ways to rewrite your sleep story so you can take on the WORLD with clarity and ease. It's time you managed your sleep issues.

From Overwhelmed to In Control

Using simple, adaptable strategies to allow you to regain control of your planning so you can feel confident and in control over your schedule.

Hi, I'm Michele

One thing I know for sure is that you need to be well rested if you are going to live fully in this one precious life you have.

After countless sleepless nights and years learning the newest science-based sleep theory, I now teach others how to get restorative sleep through my Restorative Sleep Program.

The consequences of sleepless nights are astonishingly devastating- dramatically increasing the odds of having everything from mood disorders to immune system issues.

You simply can't thrive if you're sleep deficient.

Working with the unconscious mind to change habits and calm your nervous system is the path to sleeping soundly.

The program I've designed supports you fully, so you'll get the restorative sleep you need.

"Become your strongest waking self"

Working with Michele was nothing short of miraculous. I've adjusted my relationship with sleep to see it as something essential to my waking productivity. Accountability is extremely important when fixing a sleep schedule, and Michele both provides this and takes it a step beyond by teaching you how to optimize your bedroom for healthy, deep sleep. -Camille

Unplug and Reset Meditation

This 12 minute guided meditation will help you sleep better.

✓ Unplug from the day's chaos and journey within yourself

✓Allow your nervous system to relax

✓Allow your mind to feel clear

Sleep affects all areas of your life...

Imagine when you can...

Fall Asleep Faster

Sleep Longer

Wake up Refreshed

Build a solid sleep ritual that relaxes you easily and deeply before going to bed, enabling you to fall asleep shortly after your head hits the pillow.

Access the deepest levels of sleep and stay asleep the entire night. You'll learn the 'Goldilocks' amount of time your body needs. Not everyone needs the same amount of sleep.

Learn to listen to your inner body clock, waking up refreshed after a great night's sleep feeling alert and ready to meet the day.

I get it you're busy and exhausted...

It's easier to forge a plan to build a better future for yourself and for the world when you are well rested.

Work with Michele...

Raise your Resilience Restorative Sleep Program

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  • To exhausted to do it on your own?

The Sleep Soundly Course

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Everyone who knows me well is impressed with what Michele's program has done for me, and I am certain you will see the same results if you go in with an open mind, open heart, and determination to become your strongest waking self through the power of rest. - K.C.

Michele Osorio

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